Top 10 Weirdest Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records Video Game is available now on Wii and DS from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, so to celebrate we've picked our favourite of the craziest records ever made to put together Top 10 Weirdest Guinness World Records!

One thing we love about this game is that the scores are officially all adjudicated by Guinness, so you can actually get your name into the records books! As well as this, you can also set records at a national and regional level! So you can be a record breaker from your very own front room…. a perfect game to challenge all your friends to this holiday season.

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Complete with 36 mini-games, including melon bashing, cockroach eating and pogostick jumping the game will keep you and your friends amused for hours and could even inspire a few world records of your own!

1) The World's Biggest Cookie

Hungry? You will be after reading this... Immaculate Baking Co. baked the world's biggest cookie in 2003. The cookie is about 100 ft. in diameter and 40,000 lb in weight! Wow.

2) Eye-Popping Record

Look away now if you don’t like bodily parts… this is a bit gross. Claudio Pinto can pop both of his eyes 4 cm or 95% out of their sockets. He's now aiming (poppin'?) for a world record. Pinto says that he feels it is a ‘gift from God’ and that he feels blessed.

3) The World's Longest Fingernails

Again, not one for the fainthearted… Lee Redmond from Salt Lake City holds the world record for the longest fingernails! 33 inches long! Apparently they don’t hinder her efforts at being able to cook, clean and look after her husband, and she can use them just as effectively as short fingernails!

4) The Most T-shirts Worn At Once

In 83 degree heat, David Alexander donned 121 t-shirts to break the world's record of most t-shirts worn at one time! Alexander, who weighs 210 pounds shirtless, tipped the scale at 285 pounds in his ‘full costume’. You must have some stamina to be able to do this – it took 30 minutes and 4 people to cut Alexander out of it all!! The previous record holder made it to 107.

5) The Worlds Longest Diary

Now this guy really is a writer… his diary is believed to be the longest in the world, standing at 35 million words! Robert Shields of Dayton, Washington, has kept a written record of absolutely everything that has happened to him, day and night for over 20 years. For four hours a day he devotes himself to this task and did this from 1972 until 1996, when he was disabled by a stroke.

6) Typing To One Million

Too much time on your hands? I think this chap probably did… Les Stewart from Mudjimba, Australia, holds the world's record of typing all numbers from one to one million in words (not numbers). He began in 1982 and finished with the entry "one million" on November 25, 1998. Les typed an average three pages a day with just one finger – now that’s commitment for you! 19,890 pages!

7) The Most Piercings In One Sitting

Robison, a Marseilles resident who graduated from Ottawa Township High School, originally planned to get 1,000 piercings, 400 more than the 600 that Kam Ma of Britain got in one sitting in 2002. But apparently the British record holder heard about what Robison was planning, because last week he broke his own record by getting pierced 1,015 times in one sitting. That prompted Robison to increase the number of piercings he planned to get up to 1,200. But after experiencing the pain of hours of piercings all over his back and arms, he decided to settle for the world record and not go any further!

8) The World's Longest Eyebrow

Nasty - someone tell him to get some tweezers! Leonard Traenkenschuh of Port Townsend, Washington, has a 3 and a half inches eyebrow hair (and still growing!). He thinks that he just has ‘fertile brows!’

9) The World's Largest Rubber Band Ball

An old classic… no doubt there will be several attempts in 2009. The largest rubber band ball was made by Steve Milton of Eugene, Oregon, using more than 175,000 rubber bands! He created a 4594-pound rubber band ball.

10) The World's Tallest Chocolate Skyscraper

There is a 6.6 metre tall chocolate sculpture located in a toy ship in Manhattan, New York, that is made entirely of more than 1,000 kg of chocolate. This was constructed by pastry chef Alain Roby and took more than 30 hours to complete! Guinness officials present at the scene have confirmed it as the world's tallest sculpture made from chocolate. This sets a new Guinness Record.


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